College Credit

Earn four quarter credits from Portland State University with an optional college credit add-on to your internship.


Earn Four University Credits from PSU

Global Leadership Adventures is extremely proud to partner with Portland State University, based in Portland, Oregon, to offer college credit for our student interns who complete the six-week Global Impact Virtual Internship.

Student interns are welcome to enroll in the virtual internship for Portland State University credit now through April 19, 2022. You will be eligible to earn 4 quarter credits from PSU upon successful completion of the internship program.

This virtual internship course curriculum is fully accredited for U.S. undergraduate credit through PSU. Credits are transferable to other colleges and universities, though please note that it is the responsibility of each intern to confirm with their university of intent that these quarter credits will be accepted at the institution.

Details for how to log in to your PSU dashboard and access your credit information will be sent to you after the completion of the internship, once your grade for successful completion of the internship course has been sent to the university by your Internship Supervisor.

Getting college credit during high school has so many benefits. It can help with earning scholarships for college and even improve your chance of admission into your university of choice. You’ll have more opportunities to specialize your studies with a minor or second major once you do attend college, and you’ll also learn some critical time management skills along the way.

College Credit Fee

The additional fee to earn four quarter credits from Portland State University is $750.00.

It’s a great deal, considering the average cost per quarter credit is typically higher. This $750.00 is in addition to your $1,999.00 internship tuition. Though recommended, you are not required to purchase the college credit add-on as it is 100% optional.

How to Enroll in the PSU Quarter Credit Add-on

During your registration for the Global Impact Virtual Internship using our online registration form, you will reach a section titled “College Credit” on Page 3 of the process.

When asked “Would you like to receive 4 college credits through Portland State University for this internship?” for the $750 fee, simply select the “Yes” option in the dropdown menu.

If you have already registered for the virtual internship and would like to add the college credit, please call our Admissions Team during office hours at 858-771-0645 or email us at We will be happy to add this to your internship account.

About Portland State University

Portland State University is more than Portland’s public research university. It’s a place to test ideas and projects that show the world how different is done. Portland State’s innovative approach combines education with creative problem-solving and collaboration across campus for maximum impact. With more than 200 degree programs to choose from, PSU is Oregon’s most diverse, innovative and affordable research university.

Remember, the deadline to register for the PSU college credit add-on for the Spring Session of the Global Impact Virtual Internship is April 19, 2022.