Why Greece?

Greece is a country of over ten million people with a rich history that stretches over the eons. Located at the southern point of the Balkans, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, its coastline runs so far that it, despite being a small country, is in fact the eleventh largest coastline in the world. As famous for its mountains as its proximity to the sea, Greece has a lot of geographical diversity for a nation so small. However, most people know Greece for its famed position as the “cradle of Western Civilization,” as well as for its production of the some of the greatest minds in mathematics and philosophy the world has ever known. While participating in a Global Leadership Adventures program in Greece, you will embrace its land, its sea its people and its history.

Teen Summer Programs in Greece for High School Students


Mythology, Philosophy & Modern Democracy™

Explore Greece, from the ancient wonders of the world to the complexities of modern life.

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